Saturday, June 13, 2009

Decadently gorgeous Zoya Richelle

Nail polish, Zoya, Richelle
This is one of my older nail pics with slightly longer nails. That might be my favorite length, still very practical but starts to have that finger elongating elegance of long nails.

Zoya Richelle on the other hand is one of my favorite metal polishes. The finish is very metallic but not actually foil like, larger sparckling particles disguise the brush strokes really well. The polish is thin, but two coats is enough for opaqueness. In addition to the perfect application I like this warm, slightly copperish, slightly dirty shade of gold.

This might not be the most obvious summer shade, but I really wait to test this out with simple grecian-style draped dress, some bejewelled sandals and light tan.

Alberta Ferretti dress from SS 2008 collection.


  1. Very pretty! I don't own any Zoya's.

  2. Pretty shade on you. Zoya has some beautiful colors.