Sunday, June 21, 2009

A polish with double personality: BB Couture Opposites Attract

Lately I have swatched all but summery colors - but today I'm happy I did. BB Couture Opposites Attract has a weird double nature that is fully revealed in full sunlight. In indirect light the polish can almost pass as cool medium gray creme. Just a hint of unevenness suggests other.

There is quite a load of glasslike crystal shimmer packed in this polish, plus some deep blue shimmer, seen as almost black dots in indirect light. The shimmer is extremely difficult to capture to photograph, but it reminds me a lot of China Glaze glass shimmers (for example White Qvik Silvr).

Nah, this does not show the shimmer as I wished it would.

Consistency was perhaps a bit watery, but the polish is well pigmented and fast drying, definitely a two-coater. I really like all BB Couture polishes I've tried so far.

My topcoat on the other hand is almost finished, thick and gooey, bubbly, annoying to apply and almost ruins the manicures. A bottle of Seche Vite is on its way to here!


  1. That's a lovely gray! I like all of the sparkles and I've been very happy with my BB's as well. You have beautiful nails :)

  2. Hey, thanks! I'm quite fascinated about the stealthy nature of the flash in this polish, unusual effect.

  3. You have such pretty nails. Opposites Attract looks very pretty on you. It is such a fantastic color. I have it but haven't used it yet. Love the BB Couture polishes. Lots of pretty colors and also different colors. Their greens are my favorites.