Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nail depression

Ouch. That nail staining incident has done very bad things for my nail enthusiasm. There is a natural explanation to that. I really like bright colors in my nails - but they don't go with everything. When my nails are in good shape I have always the option just to remove the polish if my bright manicure is too much.

With stained nails I feel that I need some sort of cover all time - plus I have abandoned my plans to grow the nails a bit, I'm keeping them almost tipless to get rid of the yellow as soon as possible.

I'm not good with superfast manicures, I always end up with a mess when I do my manicure in a haste. So I have end up using super safe color options that go with almost everything: black, gray, opaque neutrals. Both of my Manglaze polishes have been in constant use, I really like them in everyday use.

The stains are now halfway of my nails and I have slowly started to browse through the autumn shades.