Wednesday, November 25, 2009

China Glaze Short & Sassy

China Glaze Short & Sassy was my only pick from the Retro Diva collection. The color is nice cool red shimmer suspended in dark base and you don't need more than 2 coats to get the full intensity of the color, with short nails one is enough. The shimmer is actually very prominent, but these indirect daylight images lose it almost completely. So I added an ugly image with artificial lighting for more accurate impression of the texture.

Somehow this felt too christmassy for me when I first tried it on... ...and I instantly knew that I will not leave the mani on. So excuse the stains on the cuticles and overall sloppy application. One coat, no topcoat.

Friday, November 20, 2009

OPI My Daddy's the King

The cool tones tend to work better on me than warm, but this is not true with nude nail polish shades. Pink based shades don't look that good on me. Nude peaches with hint of beige might be my color when I want something discreet on my nails. That does not happen too often, though, but the nail disaster made me wear my manis longer than usual - and in these cases discreet options are welcome.

My Daddy's the King is really good peachy-beigy fleshtone with nice, subtle and well behaving pearly shimmer. The shimmer adds some dimension to this gentle shade and I actually like the look more than I thought. Three coats for opaque look, easy to apply.

Monday, November 16, 2009

OPI Give Me Moor!

This vampy little number is OPI Give Me Moor! from autumn 2009 spain collection. Color-wise it is not that special, nearly blacks I have seen many. The base shade has some blue in it, it's more plum than red. But to be honest this was the first time when OPI impressed me with quality. This polish is very velvety and easy to apply. 2 thick or 3 thin coats is enough to achieve the full intensity of the color and with this color the pro-wide brush did really good job (only my pinky was bit difficult, the nail bed is so curved and narrow). Relatively fast drying even without the topcoat, no bubbling.

I might slightly prefer my previous favorite Chanel Rouge Noir as a shade, but this is certainly easier to apply and does not give as bad beetroot fingers as Chanel when removing.

2 coats and fast drying topcoat in the picture. Great vampy!