Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OPI Hey Get In Lime

I think that this color has nothing to do with lime... ...but I still love it! It's not the palest and shyest mint green, it has some depth. And there is a slight edgy gray tinge in it - the result is color that is both flattering and unusual. This is three coats, but I'm afraid that with longer nails the tip line would still be visible. Application was easy and drying time reasonable, I definitely will keep this. Mint nails will probably be huge in the autumn, especially if Chanel releases a mint green polish as speculated. Not that I would be too much concerned about being seen in the "it" colors, though =)

See more Chanel RTW detail images at

Got to confess that colors like this make me toy with the idea of my own nail polish brand, very centered in color design. It would be fabulous to produce very well thought palette instead of endless arrays of reds and nudes. I guess that Rescue Beauty Lounge is doing this, kind of, but their prices are far off from that price range I usually pay from polish.


  1. I love this color, but too HTF at a right price unfortunately :/

  2. On taas niin täydellisesti lakatut kynnet... ja mielettömän kaunis väri!

  3. I have this color, too, and I agree that it has nothing to do with lime. But, it's so unusual. I haven't really seen another polish like it. I think it looks great on you!! :)

  4. Céline: 8ty8beauty sells it in under 4 dollars, see - Brights collection

    Kiitos, Inkivääri, omat meikkisi ovat aina täydellisiä! Myönnän kyllä, että minulla on pienoinen pakkomielle siististä lakkauksesta...

    Olivia: Thank you!

  5. No, it's OOS since a moment at 8ty8...the link above is dead... :(

  6. Oh, true! I hate when they have the order button still visible... ...but you can't put the item in the cart.