Monday, June 1, 2009

Color Club Catwalk Queen

Nail polish, Color Club Catwalk Queen
This is one of my older nail pics - and the polish is one of my favorites: Color Club Catwalk Queen. A beautiful shimmery dark red purple with absolutely perfect application. This is two coats with Mavala Mavadry.


  1. Love this color on you!! I also like how you don't hold the nail polish bottle. It makes your posts more interesting. :)

  2. Thanks, girls! The color is truly worth trying if you like purples - and might be even if you don't!

    I try to create slightly different nail polish swatches, the idea is to give a good overall impression about the color. There are so many blogs that have excellent detail images that I feel it might be more fun to complement than compete!

  3. Beautiful varnish, reflections are beautiful: O