Monday, June 22, 2009

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Old news is good news in this blog... Rodeo Fanatic is my first and only color from China Glaze's Rodeo Diva collection. I have been very hesitant to try this on, it looks all too flashy in the bottle. Shimmery, tealish blue with quite strong purple flash, from the bottle I would judge this borderline duochromatic. Ouch!

But on the nails this is fabulous, blackened enough to be stylish, but definitely blue in different lighting. The purple flash seems to almost disappear on the nail, it only makes the color less teal looking in some light. On the other hand the warm shades of artificial light brings the teal shade up nicely. This is Rode Fanatic in indirect natural light:

Sunlight really shows the beautiful shimmer.

But the best thing with this color is the application, it's flawless. I really dig CG brush, not too small, not too big - just perfect. And the best for last: this is one coater on my short nails, longer ones might benefit from two.


  1. Rodeo Fanatic is a really beautiful nail polish! And I just LOVE your pictures :)

  2. That looks so nice on you, your nails are beautiful. I really like the Rodeo collection.

  3. Nea: I have to agree! Mary, thanks! I guess that i have to check the other colors from this collection again, Wagon Trail at least =)

  4. Very pretty on you. I love all the colors from this collection. This shade is such a gorgeous color.