Saturday, August 8, 2009

China Glaze Entourage

Ok, this must be one of my this summer favorites: China Glaze Entourage. A gorgeous bright grass green with slightly cooler green shimmer. Looks darker in the nail than in the bottle. The shimmer is subtle in the nail, but does not entirely disappear and makes the tone to shift from warmer to cooler, depending on light. Two coats covered my nails well. Application was pretty easy, perhaps the consistency was bit runny, but nothing unmanageable.

I've heard some rumors about this polish being a very bad nail stainer, so I did something unusual and used some base coat underneath. I will update this post later to tell how my nails look after the removal.

My manicure cycle will be somewhat slower now, I try to grow my nails a bit and it helps to not use nail polish remover every other day. But I aim at least weekly updates from now on.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and wear the brightest of all polishes!


Okay, it stained. Bad. My nails look like I had the worst nicotine addiction. My thumbnail had two coats of basecoat and it is not stained as severely as other nails, so with basecoat it is possible to protect the nails. But this is huge minus and I don't believe I'm wearing this shade soon again.


  1. It is a beautiful summery color.

    I've only worn mine once - need to wear it again now!

  2. One of my favorites... Until my nails were completely yellow :/ And that yellow color is permanent, unfortunately! I even used basecoat/hardener (OPI Natural nail) always...

    It's so pretty though...

  3. I love that shade of green. I hope my nails don't get stained green. I already have yellow nails. Looks gorgeous on you.