Saturday, August 15, 2009

French manicure, Essie Pinkadelic

Before I stained my nails I had one decent classic french manicure on for several days. I haven't been too into french manicures, but for some reason recently they have started to look somehow better. Maybe it's the light tan I have, maybe it's just curiosity to this so popular look.

I have done it by myself just couple of times before - and have it done perhaps two or three times professionally. Never has the application nor the color choices been perfect. Personally I lean towards Beverly Hills manicure style, where the tip is more natural - but I also want to experiment with this style and find the best variant for me. So I plan to publish a short series about frenchies, starting from this post. But I have to wait my nails to clean before next post on the series after that unfortunate Entourage event.

This is quite a classic version with Color Club Tip White on tips and Essie Pinkadelic on top.

CC Tip White is excellent for bright white tips. One coat was enough, excellent self leveling and fast drying time. Just remember to mix the color well, there is ample amount of pigment in this.

Essie Pinkadelic on the other hand did not level as well. It is not stripy, but after two coats bit blotchy. I think that super thin layers might solve this problem - but on the other hand I like that the brush has ample amount of color especially on the first coat after tip, so I don't sweep the tip away. The color is not the best for my skin, but the nice thing is the subtle red shimmer that is clearly visible in some light. And it took away the excessive brightness of the tips in a very nice way.

I used a special technique for the tips utilizing the advice from YouTube video that I'm not able to find anymore. But because you really can't see any details from that video anyway, I plan to publish a short tutorial soon. These tips are by no means perfect, but they still are the best ones I've had.


  1. Now that's a Frenchie I can like. I hate the super white tips and the very square nail tips. It's done to death. Can't wait to see what your going to come up with.

  2. very nicccce :D i'd like to see your tutorial when you get around to it <3