Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoya Casey - a beauty with issues

For me these almost blacks are the safety blanket of manicures an they have been that for a long time. I guess that I was lured by some woman's magazines ages ago and bought one of Chanel's outrageously priced polishes: Rouge Noir - and was hooked. When some girls reach for their favorite nude I grab my trusted nearly black and feel instantly good about my manicure.

I've been looking for a reasonably priced alternative for Rouge Noir for a while and Casey really delivers. When speaking just about the color Casey does an excellent job. It is not an exact twin for Chanel polish - Casey is more purple and very dark, Rouge Noir is more red and tad lighter (will dig an older pic of Rouge Noir later for comparison). But there is that same dramatic outlook that I adore. As an added plus Casey is extremely shiny. With Mavala topcoat I can almost fix my lipstick using the reflection from my nail. And see those bluish higlights! This image shows the colour very black, but the red purple flashes beautifully in bright light.

I have to say that I have some issues with Zoya. All cream polishes and light shimmers bubble really badly - I guess that they are not compatible with Mavala Mavadry topcoat. Casey was also chipping on the next day after application. I have zero interest to try Zoyas color lock system. First, I think that it is expensive. Second, my nails don't stain and they are quite smooth - so for me the basecoat feels like totally unnecessary extra step in the manicure. Third, I hate fast dry drops.

So I really need to find a fast drying topcoat that works with Zoyas. I'm open to all suggestions!


  1. you need the zoya basecoat since it's a special formula that works for zoya polishes. with the basecoat, there is way less chipping. it doesn't bubble this way either. anchor and armor! i recommend.

  2. Here are some 3 free quick dry top coats that I like:

    CND Air Dry (with an addition of top coat every two days, I can get up to 7 days with little tipwear out of some Zoyas)

    Nubar Diamont (quickest "deep" dry but shortest wear, two to three days is typical)

    With Zoya being 3 free, any treatment you use with them will need to be 3 free as well ...


  3. i work with zoya, mavala and essie products and i recommend the essie good to go fast dry topcoat..its perfect and dont forget to reapply everyday. your topcoat only lasts that long because of how much you use your hands..try it!